All About Urine Drug Testing


Urine testing for drugs is considered the easiest way of detecting the presence of a substance in the human body. It is also considered the best way of drug detection because it is good for all types of substances, and the least intrusive to carry out. Marijuana, Amphetamine, LSD, heroin, and other substances can be detected by simply taking a small amount of urine and conducting chemical analysis.

Where is urine drug testing applied?

hgdhgd74Urine testing for drugs has been adopted as standard procedure for law enforcement agencies, colleges, services industry, and corporate sector, in fact, most employers in the US have adopted some kind of drug testing regime. It’s a noninvasive procedure, where a person only has to urinate in a vial or a bottle provided by the testing authority. Once the test is complete, the person can continue with their day.

Some authorities use quick test kits where the result is available within half an hour, while others send the specimen to a laboratory. Irrespective of the time taken to get the results, one can face serious consequences if they test positive. Incarceration or fines remain the most common penalty for illegal drug use detected by law enforcement, and companies regularly fire employees found using drugs.

Urine drug test detection time

Drug detection time for urine tests depends on the type of drug used. It also depends on the frequency of drug intake. People who are frequent users have greater chances of failing a drug test even if they last used a drug a number of days ago.

Infrequent users could feasibly pass a drug test within a couple of days of using a drug and sometimes even less than that. Barbiturates and benzodiazepines have one of the longest half-lives, and you can test positive even after three weeks of having taken the drug. Heroin and other morphine-derived drugs can be detected in urine for up to a week.

Frequent users can test positive for heroin use for up to 10 days. Detection time also depends on the individual metabolism rate and other factors. The frequency of urination, daily water and fluid intake and other factors can alter the half-life of a drug. Frequent urination induced by increased water intake can help you in discharging the drug more quickly.

How to pass urine drug test

hgdhgd764You can use water in excessive amounts if you have to appear in a urine drug test within the week, but it isn’t guaranteed to work. It can potentially lower the trace amounts if you have used cocaine, marijuana or heroin but is very subjective.

The easiest way of passing urine testing for drugs is to avoid taking any substances in the first place. Since that isn’t always an option, testing yourself before going to work is an idea. Knowing in advance whether a scheduled test or potentially a random test would prove positive allows you to make informed decisions about substance use and attendance at work on a given day. Home drug testing is a way to help you rule out the possibility of testing positive for drugs. Do this in the privacy of your home, and the results remain confidential.


A look into health benefits of an elliptical trainer

Health and Fitness

An elliptical trainer has been defined as an exercise machine which is stationary and used to mimic running, walking and stair climbing. The simulation is such that there is reduced risk of impact injuries since there is not too much pressure being exerted on the joints. it also promotes overall health.

The elliptical trainer is ideal for people having or recovering from injuries to stay fit. One of the biggest advantages of the elliptical trainers is that cardiovascular workouts are offered. These workouts’ intensity can be varied to high from light depending on the preference of the user. When compared to treadmills, elliptical trainers normally take less space and very easy to move. They can also be easily and used outdoors.


Joint stress is lowered

fdgdfgdfgdfgThe inventor of the elliptical trainer designed after observing his daughter run. He was able to transform her motion when running into a machine. He was able to observe how compared to running, the strain on the joints was reduced.

His observation was corroborated by various studies that looked at how oxygen was utilized, the formation of lactic acid, and the rate of the heart.

Fixation of weak muscles

A lot of people have their quadriceps muscles weaker than the hamstrings. When the elliptical trainer is used, the utilization of the quadriceps is not increased, but their coordination with the hamstring is also improved. If you want to skyrocket the utilization of the quadriceps, try pedaling the elliptical backward.

Strengthening the weak muscles

When using the elliptical trainer, the external hip (Vastus Lateralis) and butt (Gluteus Maximus) muscles are greatly activated. The hamstrings also activated but at a slightly slower pace. The hip muscles have also been found to be generally weak, and the trick lies in using the elliptical trainer.

Utilization of the core muscle and upper body

dsdsdfsdfdsfsdfsdfhjSome workouts are beneficial when somebody wants to utilize their core muscles and the upper body. These exercises should be done on triceps, biceps, chest, shoulder and arm motions. The workouts, when done simultaneously, can help lead to a reduced cardiovascular workout.

When using the elliptical trainer, try the upright posture as it will help you utilize the core muscles. Alternatively, avoid using the rails, so that balance and posture are increased.

Maximizing training effects

More calories tend to be burned if the length of the stride on the elliptical trainer is increased. The person training cannot notice that the training is getting harder. Compared to a treadmill for the calories burned, the elliptical trainer maximizes the burning of calories.

Having taken a look into health benefits of an elliptical trainer, it is quite evident that its usage for 30 minutes per day will increase not only your cardio capacity but also the stamina. It is an excellent tool that can be used for both fat loss and fitness. Every person should have it in their fitness regime. A good fitness regime will make you be able to make you stay alert during the day. This ensures full productivity in our everyday activities.


Common Causes Of Heartburn


Heartburn is a common condition that affects a large percentage of people. If you have ever experienced heartburn, then you probably know how painful it is. In the digestive system, there is the Esophageal Sphincter. This is a muscle that blocks food from flowing back into the esophagus. During heartburn, this muscle is forced to relax allowing the food back to the esophagus thus causing heartburn. It is often caused by some foods.

Below are some common causes of heartburn

Oily foodsghjfhfghjfghfkjghjfhkflgjfkdgf

This is the primary cause of heartburn. Oils and greasy foods usually delay digestion forcing food to stay in the stomach for a long time. This exerts pressure on the Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES) and ends up causing

Drugs and alcohol

These products contain acidic chemicals that cause the LES to relax. This results in a burning sensation called heartburn. When LES relaxes, stomach acids rise back to esophagus leading to the discomfort felt when having heartburn.

Caffeine based beverages

Soda, coffee, tea chocolate all contain caffeine. Caffeine has a relaxation effect on the LES leading to discomfort.

Workout practices

Some exercise methods can result in a reverse flow of digestion. This compels your stomach acid to rise back to the esophagus rather than flow downwards. An example of such exercise is stomach crunches. It causes heartburn because you put your stomach under pressure forcing esophagus to open from the bottom, giving stomach acid entrance.

Your bed

Some people tend to get heartburns at night. This may be attributed to the bed you sleep on. Lying flat entirely cause LES to open. This allows stomach acid to flow into the esophagus. Sleeping with your body at an elevated position raises gravity. Since gravity is increased, it prevents reverse flow of stomach acid.


Tight clothing, especially around your waist and stomach area, can lead to heartburn. Squeezing the midsection of the body exerts pressure on the LES. This forces the muscle to open allowing stomach acid to flow in the reverse direction.


During pregnancy, there are a lot of hormonal changes in the body. These cause pressure on your stomach area more
so when the baby grows. This is also a common cause of this heartburn menace. Avoiding jghgjfhgjdkfgdjfhkdflgfghdfjdhgkspicy foods during pregnancy will help reduce heartburn.

Heartburn can be irritating since it causes a lot of discomforts. Taking note of what you eat will help you avoid heartburn. Making sure you sleep in the right position also comes in handy in solving this problem.


Best Foods For Healthy Hair

Hair care

Your hair is a reflection of what you eat. The secret to strong, thick, shiny hair is not on expensive shampoos or expensive salon treatments; it is in what you eat. Feeding your hair on a healthy diet will give you the hair you have always dreamed of having. Eating healthy whole foods, and keeping yourself hydrated can make a difference in the rate at which your hair grows and its appearance.

Here are the best foods that will help you grow healthy hair


Carrots are rich in vitamin A, a nutrient that enhances cell growth. Vitamin A also promotes a healthy scalp. Hair grows inside the scalp, and so keeping a healthy environment promotes healthy hair.


Spinach is a good source of vitamin C. It helps control the production of oil in your scalp. Foods rich in vitamin C can help you reduce extra oil, in case you have oily hair. Other foods that are rich in vitamin C include broccoli, tomatoes, peppers and citrus fruit. Spinach also has vitamin A, which improves the rate at which your hair grows.


Healthy hair originates from the scalp. Eat fish regularly to provide a healthy scalp. Fish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. The nutrient helps minimize itchiness and flakiness on your head, and balances oils within your body. Other foods full in Omega-3 are flax seeds, trout, and sardines.


Protein deficiency can cause hair loss. Usually, it will take months for the damage to show, but it will take even longer for your hair to grow back. For the quality of your hair, it is important to eat enough proteins. Chicken breast will keep your hair in the best shape since it is an excessive low-fat protein.


Beef is high in zinc, as are crab and oysters. Zinc strengthens hair growth. It is also essential for your immune system. Beef is also rich in iron, which promotes hair growth. Be aware of excess zinc, it may cause copper deficiency.


Lentils and kidney beans are essential for healthy hair. They are high in protein, zinc, iron and biotin. Biotin is a vitamin that helps in hair growth.


Kiwis ahjgjhgkgjhkfgdfjhsdkfjdkgdfjre full of antioxidants, and vitamin C. Vitamin C prevents hair breakage and splitting. They are also full in
folic acid, calcium, zinc, iron and vitamin E, which are excellent for healthy hair.

Prevent hair breakage and splitting by adding these foods to your diet and start growing strong, beautiful hair.



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