Easiest Musical Instruments to Learn for Adults

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You might be tempted to take up an instrument if you feel the need but don’t have the time. According to SouthCoastToday, as you age, your life will slow down and you may have more time exploring instruments that are easier to play. You don’t need to take lessons for years before you feel comfortable with the instrument. It’s important to be able quickly to play songs since you have waited so long to learn this skill! What is the best instrument for learning at age 50?

The Lyre Harp

harp There are many types of harps, each with a different number of strings. The small Celtic harp is small enough to be placed on the knee or a stool in front of you. It’s also very portable. It is much smaller and easier to use than a large harp. You can choose from seven to ten strings.

The lyre is very affordable, making it an excellent musical instrument for adults. Plus, the sound is light and ethereal. The history of the lyre goes back to 14th-century BC. It is found in many ancient drawings as well as important documents.

The Recorder

The recorder is one of the most simple instruments to learn. The recorder is taught in many schools from an early age and provides a solid musical foundation for children. The recorder can be a delight to play when it is played correctly. The best thing about the recorder for older people is that it takes very little breath to make a sound, making it an easy instrument to learn. There are three types of recorders: tenor, alto, and soprano.

Each one is progressively more powerful than the other. You can learn to play any one of these recorders, and then you can master them all. The sound is richer and lowers the larger the recorder. You can make recorders from plastic or wood. The sound of the wooden recorders is richer than that of the plastic. You can also start with a cheaper plastic model to see if it suits you.

Percussion Instruments

southern drumsPercussion instruments can be much more difficult to master, and they have a natural, primitive feel. If you don’t have the confidence to learn a tuned instrument, percussion instruments are the best to learn. You choose to learn more than one percussion instrument.

Because you can’t play wrong notes, they are one of the easiest instruments to learn. The drum circle is a popular social event that’s great for learning at 50. You don’t have to form a drum circle. Play your favorite music and have fun! This can be done with any percussion instrument. It is one of the most versatile instruments you can learn.

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