Tips to Learn Guitar

Simple Tips on Learning to Play a Guitar

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Music has a big role in my life. And that I was blessed, as I learned to play in school at a very young age. I began my musical foray, like probably most people my age, by playing the recorder in college. Now, I am still joining some online guitar lessons to master my guitar skill. But, I also found out simple ways to learn to play the guitar. In this article, I’ll share my tips to make your guitar lesson easier.

Tips to Learn Guitar

Buy the Right Guitar for a Beginner

A guitar comes in various types, purposes, and styles. One of the biggest problems with cheaper guitars is that the strings are too far from the vanity, so you have to do a lot of fingerpicking to discover a clean tone, and if you’re not used to playing guitar, it will indicate sore hands from the start! So, it is essential to know which guitar you should buy as a beginner and not force yourself to buy a guitar meant for a professional.

Learn the Basic First

Tips to Learn GuitarIf you have your guitar, then the first thing you should do is to learn the basic. You can also try to play some basic songs such as Smoke On The Water, and Paradise City. With some basic chords under your belt, and then you can create something irresistible. Still, for an excellent guitarist, you will probably get to discover some basic sound theory.

Practice a Lot

I haven’t played flute in years, but I know that if someone gave me a flute today and said, “Play me a ‘G,'” I wouldn’t even have to consider which way my hands should move. To play the guitar, you want to be able to do the same thing. It takes practice, and there are many more finger combinations you can figure out with a guitar than with a Breeze device. To know how to do it right, you need to practice at least half an hour every day, and that’s the minimum. The longer you practice, the more your hands will remember where to move, and you’ll begin to play clearly and be able to focus on rhythm and tone.

Find Your Motivation

Whether you want to be a rock star, join a folk band, or play classical guitar, you’ll need to find some inspiration to guide you in the early days. Like any musical instrument, you’ll have to practice a lot before you’re ready to play well, which can be very frustrating. Most men and women find it hard to figure out how to play the guitar, to begin with; however, if you think you will find the inclination for it, it will be a skill that could stay with you.

Practice Playing in Time

Another common mistake people make is that they focus so much on playing chords correctly that they lose awareness of the period, and even if they’ve been playing for a while, you may hear a pause or two as they try to find the correct fingering. So practice fingering both chords correctly at the same time. To avoid the habit of stumbling while thinking about fingering, practice with a metronome in the background. You don’t want to invest money in one, Google it, and you’ll find a sum of online metronomes that you’ll probably use.



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