Types of Bong Designs and Materials

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Bongs come in many different shapes and fashions, so make sure you get the one that is acceptable for your smoking style and budget when choosing. Some bongs offer a glass bubbler at a lower price. In this article, we’ll explain different types of bong designs as well as the qualities and benefits of the unique materials they have.

Different Bong Designs

Straight Pipe

You place the bowl on the floor where it protrudes from one side. If you are looking for efficiency and simplicity, then an ideal pipe bong is exactly what you need to opt for. The straight pipe bong is one of the most used and purchase bongs by many people.


Bong percolators can help in the cooling effect to give you a smoother decision. You can choose based on your preference and taste, but keep in mind that percolators are usually more expensive than regular hookahs.


A multi-chamber bong has more than 1 chamber. It is a variation of the straight bong. The ideal pipe is divided into two different chambers through a pipe or third area, providing more filtration. This results in smoother and fresher draws than other designs.

Different Bong Materials


Glass bongs are popular with smokers because they offer a pure, clean taste without compromising the aroma. They are easier to clean and you can check if there is any residue inside that you need to remove.


Ceramic bongs are not only heavier and much more fragile than their counterparts due to the nature of this material, but they are also much more expensive. But in return, you have more options in terms of shapes, sizes, and colors. They make a great shelf decoration if you don’t buy them separately.


Vinyl bongs are extremely durable and there is little risk of them breaking if you accidentally pull them. They are cheaper and also a wonderful alternative for travel, as they don’t break easily. The only downside is that the plastic slightly affects the flavor of the smoke, which you might not like very much if you’re a toaster.


Like plastic, metal is also fairly durable, inexpensive, and presents less risk of injury to bongs. Metal can also slightly alter the flavor of the smoke. Also, it’s difficult to learn how to rub a metal bong.


Trees Bamboo bongs can be simple or elaborate, depending on what you choose. They are very effective and last for several years if you take good care of them. You’ll find many things to consider when buying a bong, and we need to make that choice easier for you.

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