Types of Tequila for Your Party

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How do you spend this weekend? Do you prefer watching a movie or partying with your friends? The latter option sounds more interesting, especially when it comes to a complete package with tequila. In fact, tequila and shot have known to be the best party companion. In this case, there are more different ways how to enjoy drinking tequila at a party. You can enjoy it with the lime and salt on the side, the mix of pineapple, cilantro, and mint, or even with cold espresso and coffee liqueur. Whatever ways are your choice, and you may adjust it based on the theme of your party. However, you have to understand the different tequila types for your party before making some tequila shots.

tequila partyGenerally, we know that there are two kinds of tequila, Mixto and Blue Agave tequila, made in Mexico. When making tequila, it has to be aged in wooden barrels, which are usually pine. As tequila ages, it becomes much softer, with a woody flavor and a golden color. Aging can mask the agave’s taste, and many tequila varieties are more than three or less than five years old.

All distilleries in Mexico receive a NOM (which stands for Normas Oficiales Mexicanas) to show that the distillery has met the Mexican government’s criteria. It also indicates which company bottled or produced the tequila. Then, the tequila will fall into four main categories, as explained below.

Blanco or Silver

tequilaA Blanco tequila consists of a 100% agave unaged and treated without additives. This traditional tequila is very clear and translucent, and refreshing when it comes out of the distillery. Blanco, or silver and white tequila, must be dried immediately after the distillation process. This form of tequila has a blue agave aroma and flavor. It is usually robust and can be enjoyed traditionally in a “Caballito” or shot glass.

Oro or Gold

mexico partyA 100% agave can gain gold color from aging in oak barrels. Then, it becomes gold tequila. There is also gold tequila enhanced by integrating colors and flavors such as caramel. This tequila is the most commonly used to make margaritas. It would be nice to mix this tequila as a margarita jelly shot for your party.

Reposado or Rested

It becomes Reposado tequila when putting a Blanco tequila in vats or white oak barrels for two months or two years. Aging gives Reposado a smooth taste, a delightful aroma, and a mellow tone. The market for reposado tequilas has increased considerably in recent years, which significantly impacts its prices.

Añejo or Aged

An aged Blanco tequila can be stored in oak for a minimum of one year. This Añejo tequila has an amber color, and it resembles the flavor and color of the oak casks where it is placed for aging. Hence, it has a unique taste.


Reserva is not one of the types of tequila because it is a special kind of Añejo. This unique Añejo should be put in distillers for aging up to 8 years in oak casks. Reserva is one of the most sought-after tequilas on the market for its smooth and complex taste. It is no surprise that this one is the most expensive tequila on the market.

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