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Best Foods For Healthy Hair

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Your hair is a reflection of what you eat. The secret to strong, thick, shiny hair is not on expensive shampoos or expensive salon treatments; it is in what you eat. Feeding your hair on a healthy diet will give you the hair you have always dreamed of having. Eating healthy whole foods, and keeping yourself hydrated can make a difference in the rate at which your hair grows and its appearance.

Here are the best foods that will help you grow healthy hair


Carrots are rich in vitamin A, a nutrient that enhances cell growth. Vitamin A also promotes a healthy scalp. Hair grows inside the scalp, and so keeping a healthy environment promotes healthy hair.


Spinach is a good source of vitamin C. It helps control the production of oil in your scalp. Foods rich in vitamin C can help you reduce extra oil, in case you have oily hair. Other foods that are rich in vitamin C include broccoli, tomatoes, peppers and citrus fruit. Spinach also has vitamin A, which improves the rate at which your hair grows.


Healthy hair originates from the scalp. Eat fish regularly to provide a healthy scalp. Fish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. The nutrient helps minimize itchiness and flakiness on your head, and balances oils within your body. Other foods full in Omega-3 are flax seeds, trout, and sardines.


Protein deficiency can cause hair loss. Usually, it will take months for the damage to show, but it will take even longer for your hair to grow back. For the quality of your hair, it is important to eat enough proteins. Chicken breast will keep your hair in the best shape since it is an excessive low-fat protein.


Beef is high in zinc, as are crab and oysters. Zinc strengthens hair growth. It is also essential for your immune system. Beef is also rich in iron, which promotes hair growth. Be aware of excess zinc, it may cause copper deficiency.


Lentils and kidney beans are essential for healthy hair. They are high in protein, zinc, iron and biotin. Biotin is a vitamin that helps in hair growth.


Kiwis ahjgjhgkgjhkfgdfjhsdkfjdkgdfjre full of antioxidants, and vitamin C. Vitamin C prevents hair breakage and splitting. They areĀ also full in
folic acid, calcium, zinc, iron and vitamin E, which are excellent for healthy hair.

Prevent hair breakage and splitting by adding these foods to your diet and start growing strong, beautiful hair.



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