Constipation Causes

Constipation is a problem whereby you seldom go to the toilet to empty your stomach or hard and painful stool. At some point in life, almost everyone has to deal with constipation. Many questions arise on what could be the actual causes of constipation.

Some of the common causes of constipation include


Some medications may have side effects when used to treat a given condition. One sucggjghjdfghjfhjkfghjfgfjdhdfkgjdkghfjghjkh side effect is constipation. Some drugs like anti-depressants and Tylenol when administered to a patient may lead to this problem. Should you find that a given drug makes you constipate, you can opt for an alternative.


However much it is hard to believe, hormones may affect your bathroom habits. This lead to constipation. This is especially prevalent in ladies more so when they go through their periods. During this, they may find it hard to visit the washroom. Dealing with hormones during this time will lead to constipation in the long run.


Constipation is also believed to be caused by diseases that affect your spinal cord or brain. This is so because this condition will make it difficult for you to go for your calls normally. It is advisable to seek medical attention if you deal with long term constipation.


Going to the washroom and holding it may cause constipation. Failure to do it when you need to reduce your urge for going to the washrooms causes constipation.

Lack of fiber

Fiber is an essential food element. It helps in the digestion process and makes stool easy to expel. Lack or limited fiber in your diet is the major cause of constipation. The introduction of fruits has been observed to reduce constipation greatly.

Lack of exercise

The body metabolism will slow down if you do not exercise enough. When this happens, the digestive process becomes slow. The bowels movement will be less often. You are advised to engage in physical activities as a form of exercise to curb this.


Failure to takefgfghfhfjgghfgdfdghjfggdhhhhhhhhhhhh enough water causes your body to absorb fluids from other body parts. Even stool that is meant to be expelled will be deprived of liquid. This makes the waste hard and difficult to release. To maintain regular bowel movements take a lot of water. Water improves your digestion.

Having known the common causes of constipation, it is easier to know how to tackle it. In general, a healthy lifestyle, fiber rich diet, and exercise will help you get rid of constipation.



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